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Purpose/not an offer
The Capri Sun website and all of its content, such as files containing text, data, images, graphics, logos, sound, animation or videos, as well as directories, databases, lists and other items and information placed on the Capri Sun website (‘content’) are provided exclusively for informational purposes. The content does not constitute any kind of offer, advertising or recommendation to engage in transactions or legal acts with Capri Sun AG, and are not a substitute for seeking expert advice and individual appraisal of the facts of the matter prior to taking any decision.

Industrial property rights
The content and structure of the Capri Sun website are protected by copyright, trademark and data protection law as well as other industrial property rights and rights. All trademarks, service marks and business names found on the Capri Sun website are either the property of Capri Sun AG or are licensed to Capri Sun AG.
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Without prejudice to the above, you are not being granted any license or rights with respect to the copyright, trademarks, patents, business secrets, technologies, products, processes and other proprietary rights of Capri Sun AG or third parties.

Exclusion of guarantee
The content is being provided by Capri Sun AG on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis, without offering any express or tacit guarantees or assurances of any kind, in particular any guarantees as to its topicality, quality, reliability, factual accuracy, completeness, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose or with regard to the technical accessibility, suitability or freedom from errors of the Capri Sun website or concerning the non-violation of third-party rights through the use of the content. In particular, the technical data concerning the products and services referred to on the Capri Sun website do not constitute expressly guaranteed characteristics.
The content may be changed at any time. A reference to a product or service does not mean that this product or service is or continues to be available at your location.

Liability disclaimer
In so far as legally permissible, Capri Sun AG is not liable for losses or shortfalls (in particular data loss, production shortfalls, loss of orders, lost profits, loss of anticipated savings or loss of goodwill), third-party claims, costs, outlay or other direct, indirect or coincidental consequential losses or penalties of any kind, irrespective of their legal grounds, arising from or in connection with accessing, using or being unable to use the content, downloading or being unable to utilise the content, or from errors, factual inaccuracies or omissions in the content.

If the Capri Sun website includes links to third-party websites, Capri Sun AG disclaims all responsibility for the content of these websites or for their use, and offers no guarantees or assurances with respect to the content of such websites or their use. Links to third-party websites are provided only as a convenience and for informational purposes. Capri Sun AG disclaims all liability for the content of third-party websites and content as well as for websites with which the Capri Sun website is linked or which display the Capri Sun website via scraping or framing.

Governing law and place of jurisdiction
Except where binding legal requirements provide otherwise, the use of the Capri Sun website is governed by Irish law and any dispute will be resolved by the Irish Courts.

December 2015